June 23/ 2015

AEG Facilities and The City of Oakland Clean Up Damon Slough

Over 45 volunteers clean up waterfront around Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex

OAKLAND, CA - AEG Facilities and the City of Oakland partnered on a summer cleanup event to remove litter along Damon Slough that borders Oracle Arena and O.co Coliseum earlier today.  By providing site access, parking and interested staff for the clean-up effort, AEG Facilities offered ecological benefits, stewardship, and wildlife protection to one of the largest and most important estuaries on the West Coast. 

The event was attended by over 45 volunteers from AEG Facilities, the City of Oakland, East Oakland Beautification Council and Audubon CA. The volunteers were tasked with cleaning up waste that had gathered in the Damon Slough from surrounding neighborhoods. “It is extremely important that we work together with the City of Oakland to keep this property and its surrounding areas clean” said Krystle Von Puschendorf, Sustainability Programs Manager for AEG Facilities, “The waste that collects in the Damon Slough can get carried into the ocean harming both wildlife and humans, so it is important to keep this area clean and dispose of garbage properly.”

The City of Oakland contributed significantly to the event by supplying staff that participated in the cleanup efforts and supplies that included gloves, bags, buckets, litter grabbers, water coolers, nets, small rakes and rubber boots. The event collected over 110 bags of garbage, the contents of which will be sorted and disposed of properly.