Jan 30/ 2024

Oakland Arena to Proudly Partner with Positive Coaching Alliance

As the first step in our #ProudToBeHere platform, Oakland Arena proudly announces our pivotal partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance's Youth Sports Equity Coalition. This alliance is fueled by our conviction to honor and support those partners and local communities' efforts that continue to make this world better and Oakland proud.

As part of this partnership, Oakland Arena is set to become an official host for future Oakland Youth Sports Equity Coalition meetings. It will generously provide a space where ideas can be shared, and efforts can be coordinated to create more racially equitable youth sports opportunities, as well as to increase the number of BIPOC  coaches trained in the principles of positive youth development. By facilitating these critical gatherings, Oakland Arena ensures that the voices of the community are not just heard but echoed in the halls where history and legacy are made. 

"At Positive Coaching Alliance, our partnership with Oakland Arena significantly advances our efforts to create a positive, equitable youth sports environment. The Youth Sports Equity Coalition, representing our community's diversity, is actively dismantling barriers for vulnerable youth in sports. This collaboration provides our members a space for strategy development, transforming youth sports into a life-changing experience for every kid in our city." - Robert Marcus, PCA's Chief Community Impact Officer.

This commitment to being a gathering place for the coalition is a testament to Oakland Arena's active investment in Oakland's youth and their right to equitable sports opportunities. This collaboration is a natural extension of our shared values and where the transformative power of sports becomes a cornerstone for building a stronger, more united community. 

Nicole Strange, General Manager of Oakland Arena and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, passionately states, " Positive Coaching Alliance's Youth Sports Equity Coalition aligns perfectly with our core belief that every child deserves the chance to grow through sports. Reflecting on my journey as a collegiate athlete and now as a mother, I see the immeasurable impact that playing sports has on our youth. It is with great pride that we join forces with PCA to enrich and elevate the opportunities for our children in Oakland." 

This partnership is the first beacon in the "#ProudToBeHere" campaign's commitment to spotlighting organizations that stand at the heart of Oakland's transformation. By supporting PCA's mission and the Youth Sports Equity Coalition, Oakland Arena reaffirms its role as more than a landmark for entertainment—it becomes a catalyst for change, a stage where the aspirations of the community are championed, and the dreams of the youth are nurtured. 

As the Arena steps into its next sixty years, it stands not just as a monument to monumental moments but as a proud participant in the city's vibrant tapestry, weaving together the voices, visions, and verve of what makes us all proud to be here. 



Nicole Strange, General Manager of Oakland Arena and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, and from Positive Coaching Alliance, Robert Marcus, Chief Community Impact Officer, and Khali Blackman-Newton, Director of Community Impact. 

About Positive Coaching Alliance 

PCA’s vision is to build a world where every child benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life. PCA trains coaches and partners with youth sports organizations, parents, sports leaders, and communities to make youth sports more positive, equitable, and accessible to all kids regardless of social or economic circumstances.

For more information, go to positivecoach.org