Dec 20/ 2023


Oakland is more than a city

it’s a canopy of great pride.


We are proud of our strength

steeped in our conviction,

intertwining us all

to form a community

as resilient as it is diverse.


Proud of our deeply rich

melting-pot of urban cultures

that have given rise to

some of the most

prolific and accomplished

artists, entertainers, athletes, and live performances

this world has ever seen.


And for nearly sixty years

the Oakland Arena has been

proud to be here

in the heart of it all.


Proud to stand

a towering monument to the

vibrant energy, unwavering resolve

and deep soulfulness

that is Oakland.


Proud to bring

the most iconic of talent

to the most iconic of people,

on a stage like no other.


But most of all

proud to be deeply ingrained

in the fabric of this community

we are privileged to call home.

Now and for the next sixty years.